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What is utopia? Can it be explored, envisioned? Is it political or phantasmagorical? Tangible and real or just fantastic and ephemeral?

As part of 48 Stunden Neukölln, TEMPLES & GARDENS will transform Weserstraße’s Obst und Gemüse into a place to explore these questions through paint, sculpture and light. Alice Morey, Georgina Kloss and Beatrice Baumgartner will showcase some of their latest works alongside exclusive handcrafted jewelry from their Rice, Lice and Gina range, available to purchase exclusively for 48 Stunden Neukölln.


Alice Morey

A founding member of Berlin’s Fruit Salad Boutique art collective, Morey studied Fine Art Painting at Brighton University before moving to the German Hauptstadt in 2009. 

Her “Collection of Oddities”, an amalgam of the physical and evanescent aspects of life, informs her work while her approach focuses on the reinterpretation and experimentation of disused space, playing with installation and interactivity through animation, drawing, printmaking and painting.

Beatrice Baumgartner

A student of Berlin’s Universität der Künste, Baumgartner’s work utilizes a variety of mediums to create other-worldly environments through the combined use of sculpture and light. Previous pieces consisted of delicate objects presented as miniature worlds illuminated by an animation of the object itself while her new works are delicate glowing objects made from porcelain.

Georgina Kloss 

A fashion designer and resident of O&G, Kloss will showcase two exclusive prints from her London series TWINS presenting characters from unknown fantasy tribes. These unique prints will be for sale throughout the event.